Already before 2005, two council members (conseillers communaux) MR (Mouvement Réformateur – Rightwing) find themselves in frequent disagreement with several positions or decisions of the Lasne section of the MR. Rather than submit to the somewhat “stalinian” discipline of the party, they enter in dissidence. They are later joined by others. There is therefore no ideological rupture with the party but rather a political distantiation with its local section, seen as a club of auto-sharing of the “commune cake”. This dissidence causes the separation with the local section of the MR. The new group becomes, at the 2006 local election the ALL (Alternative libérale lasnoise). This new group is de facto independent of the MR, while keeping its general “liberal” political line. After the 2012 elections, the ALL rather than continuing a “punctual” opposition to the majority, chooses to progressively develop its own political position.

How did ALL evolve ? From the beginning, the group concentrated on the problem of the “commune” good governance (probity as priority). It therefore progressively attracted new sympathizers and members with very diverse opinions, from the classical conservative to the idealistic “ecologist”. Its committee, elected by the members, is characterized by its diversity and its opennes. There is, not imposed, a parity women/men, including at the board : with Stephanie Laudert, president, intelligent, open but firm, and Edouard Capaert, secretary, who knows in detail all the dossiers (and sometimes cannot restrain explaining them !). Professional diversity of the “bureau”, from the independent informatician to the retired but full time honorary university professor, to accountant, notary and wine merchant ! Geographical diversity also, as all parts of Lasne are represented. Moreover, any Lasne citizen, whether voluntary or solicited is welcome to participate to the discussions. Any conflict of interest should be declared.

The policy to concentrate on local good governance allows to gather citizens of widely different general opinions but similarly preoccupied by the “commune” problems : good governance, looking for conflicts of interest, mobility and security, urbanism and environment, schools and education, seniors, efficient use of regional subsidies, etc.

All this guaranties an open and wide, very well informed discussion of all raised subjects, directly connected with the population, with astonishingly the most frequent result: a consensus not binding for our representatives.

At the “conseil communal” level, this ends up to the fact that facing a disciplined and silent majority, and its, often in permanent conflict of interest “échevins”, our ALL “conseillers”, with their Ecolo and CDH colleagues, appear as the sole valid representatives.

We therefore welcome all citizens interested by the political values of our group to join us in this adventure !

J-E. Dumont
Honorary Professor
Université Libre de Bruxelles
& Vrije Universiteit Brussel